Frequently Asked Questions?


If you do not find the answer to a specific question, do not hesitate to write us at


1 -Do you deliver in France?

Yes, but the calculation of delivery costs is not automatically made and we have to supply you one estimated according to articles that you want to order. Please note that you can order printable games and you will receive them by mail as soon as we will have the payment confirmation. To know all the details concerning delivery costs, click here.


2 - How to know if a game will be sent by post or by mail?

To know the mode of delivery, simply click on the product and you will be able to see all the details of the article.


3 - How do you calculated delivery costs?

To know exactly how much will cost you the delivery of your order, please click here.


4 - I did not receive the e-mail with the links of download. How may I have my links?

You can reach any time your links, your invoices in the history of your orders by following the following procedures:

1-On the site, lower left in the footer, click the words " Your account ". Enter your address e-mail and password to connect you.

2-Click " History of my commands(orders) "

3-You will see appearing all your commands(orders) and you can see the wished command(order) by clicking "Details".

4-Your links of download will be there.


5 - I do not remember my password anymore. What can i do?

To get back your password, in the page " Your account ", there is a sentence which says " forgotten password? ". Click above and enter your address e-mail. An e-mail will be sent to you with your password.

If the received(successful) e-mail is empty, it is because you have never created a password. Thus, you can create a new account or write us so that we added a password manually in your profile.


6 - I am trying to change the number of units in my shopping cart but it does not work. How can i change that?

Two reasons can explain it:

1 - You have to use arrows upward or downward to change the quantities in the shopping cart.

2 - It is possible that we have no enough articles in inventory thus the system blocks(surrounds) the quantities. You can contact us to know the exact number in inventory and/or know the date of resupplying.


7 - I register my credit card number and it does not work. What can i do?

If you are using paypal, do not forget to add the province. Usually, by registering the province, you will be able to go trough the payment process.


8 - I do not have any paypal account. Do I have to open one?

No, you can use paypal as invited. You only have to enter your information of payment and it is automatically made. Easy and fast.