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Printable games to host a party with ease! In this section you will find party games to print with simple rules. Great for entertaining everyone!

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  • Do you know your Christmas carols? In teams, find the most Christmas songs with a specific word in the title or lyrics. Included: instructions and a list of Christmas words.

  • Play bingo without numbers! Use Christmas carol titles INSTEAD! Beware: singers will be hooked ...! 12 different bingo cards and 52 song titles included. Blank bingo card included for groups of 12 and more participants, guest names use INSTEAD of Christmas carols.

  • If for you Christmas means pleasure, this game will make you laugh because it consists in amusing challenges executed throughout the Christmas reception. Challenges could be: play tricks on someone, hide things, modify its appearance, steal objects… The winner will be the person who will execute with success the greatest number of challenges! Included:...

  • Be the threesome who will succeed to put the highest number of Santa’s hats between the different parts of their bodies.

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    Let your inspiration go wild and fill out these letters while following the instructions… giggles garanteed! Print one letter per guest. Recommended for 4 participants and more. Ages 8 and up.

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    Guess what Santa Claus is saying when he can only use gestures to communicate. Included: Instructins and 12 “MIME” cards. GROUPS OF TWELVE OR MORE: We recommend limiting the number of people who mime to a maximum of 12. Select 12 guests who will mime or make teams.

  • Have fun with family and friends! Guess the name of the band ,artist or film. E.g.: Category Singing na, na, na... Sing this song while snapping your fingers. The clue: Film. The answer: Pink Panther. Ages : 8 and up. 2 or more players. Included: Instructions and over 300 QUESTIONS.

  • Jouez au bingo où les numéros ont été remplacés par des noms de thé. Inclus : les instructions, les mots à piger ainsi que 10 cartes de bingo différentes. Idéal pour animer des groupes jusqu'à 10 personnes.

  • Jeu remue-méninges qui se joue en équipes sur les chansons de Noël. Petit questionnaire sur les chansons de Noël où il faut transcrire les réponses sur une grille de mots croisés. La première équipe à trouver toutes les réponses est la gagnante. Inclus : les instructions, les questionnaires, les grilles de mots-croisés, le solutionnaire et les images pour...

Showing 1 - 12 of 33 items