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Easy to get by downloading them, all our printable games are fun to play and will make any party, birthday or family gathering a great moment!

Printable Games


  • Dinner parties

    Theme games for memorable dinners. Greet your guests around a dish and use our games to put some fun!

  • Wedding Anniversary

    Need some help creating a wedding anniversary your guests never forget? Let Nanny in the Box propose the perfect games kit for your guests. Choose games that best suit your wedding anniversary and have fun, the simple way!

  • Birthday Party Supplies

    Printable birthday party supplies to complete a birthday theme. Everything you need to decorate a table and games to play. You're sure to have the best birthday party ever!

  • Printable Icebreaker...

    Icebreaker party games are used when guests arrive so people can break the ice and get to know eachother. A great way to make the party alive!

  • Circus

    Giving a circus themend birthday party? You'll find different printable games that will make the birthday fun and unforgettable.

  • Cow-Boy

    Printable cow-boy games for boys and girls. Meet in the Far West to celebrate an out of the ordinary birthday!

  • Gift Exchange

    Here are some printable games that will liven up your gift exchange in a original way.

  • Bridal Shower Party

    Need some help creating a wedding shower or a wedding your guests never forget? Let Nanny in the Box propose the perfect games kit for your guests. Choose games that best suit your wedding shower and have fun, the simple way!

  • Corn Roast

    We have plenty of printable games to make you corn roast a success!

  • Space

    Have a party in space and have all the necessary items on hand to make a successful birthday!

  • Kids birthday party

    You have a kid birthday party to organize and you want to be the coolest parent? You will find different animation packages to make your kid's birthday memorable!

  • Magic themed birthday

    Organize a magical party with our printable games. Make a magical party that the kids will not forget!

  • Outdoor Games

    Many theme activities. Indoor and Outdoor printable games for all ages.

  • Halloween

    Printable games to make the Halloween day a lot more fun. You will find games to animate a group, a class or even the whole school.

  • Birthday Party Invitation

    Selection of printable invitations. Two types of invitations: Custom invitations where our team of expert designers put a photo of your child as well as information about your invitation. This is sent to you by email. Second type of invitation: Invitations to complete print and fill out manually.

  • Kid's games

    Printable games for kids from 2 to 12 years old.

  • Printable Party Games

    Printable party games to entertain your guests.

  • Learning Games

    In this section you will find printable games that will help develop skills. Logic games, language, imagery, observation, imagination and much more!

  • Bingo Games

    Different printable bingo games for young and adult alike. Ideal for senior centers.

  • Card Games

    Printable card games. Ideal to animate the evenings with your family, seniors, parties with friends and more!

  • Party Games

    Printable games to host a party with ease! In this section you will find party games to print with simple rules. Great for entertaining everyone!

  • Trivia Games

    Printable trivia games to play alone or in teams. Test your knowledge !

  • Board Games For 2 to 5...

    Printable games for children 2 to 5 years. We selected games that are easy to understand, entertaining and very fun!

  • Senior Games

    Selected games meet certain criteria related to age: games that do not require significant moving, meets the dexterity of elderly, stimulates memory, and contributes to the pleasure of be entertained alone, in pairs or in groups.

  • Fairy Games

    Printable games for fairy birthday theme or fairy tales theme for a little girl who is amazed by fairies and fairy tales.

  • Monster Games

    Monster themed birthday printable games.

  • Christmas Party

    Create your own “Ready-to-Party” kit tailored to your guests! This new concept of games offers you a variety of amusing Christmas activities. Choose the one best suited to your guests.

  • Easter Party

    It's Easter and you want to organize activities and games for your guests? For children, we have several egg hunting gamesand for adults, many games to print to host a Easter brunch or reception.

  • Pirates

    Birthday on a pirate theme! Organize a treasure hunt for the pleasure of all the little pirates!

  • Printable Charade and...

    Printable Charade and Rally Games for all types of occasion.

  • Valentine's Day

    Printable Valentine's day games to entertain children as well as adults.

  • Girls Night

    Printable games for girls night. A lot of fun ahead!

  • Theme Dinner

    Why not organize a theme dinner for the birthday of a close one? We have different printable games that will surely amuse everyone.

  • Dramatic Play and...

    Texts for plays that were written by children for children. These parts are ready to print. Also includes improvisation and games that promote communication.

  • Baby Shower Game Kits

    Nanny comes to the rescue with baby shower games kits ready to liven up your shower! Several themes have been developed to make your life easier and make the baby shower memorable.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 493 items